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04 May 2017 

Dowry is a curse of a society that means an amount of property or money brought by a bride to her husband on their marriage. It is a very old tradition in our society that may compel both the poor and the rich to anyhow carry out this evil practice. As for the rich, they generously spend their fortunes on the daughters' wedding. That creates a lot of obstacles, problems and difficulties not only for the poor but also for the middle-class people in getting their daughters married. That is why the birth of a daughter, in recent time, becomes a cause of a great concern for families, particularly those from poorer demographics, as they must then start to figure out how they will pay a dowry when it comes time for the daughter to marry. Indeed, it disrupts the entire social fabric because what is, unfortunately, happening in our society is that out of lust for money. People are often asking for dowry and extracting as much money as they can, they kill the woman and marry again and then again, they commit the murder of their wife for the same purpose.

Quran Reading, Arabic course, Quran reading with tajweed, Tajweed Course, Online Quran Program Shaken by such news published in the leading newspaper of the nation, we have to regretfully say that our society has become an ill and sick society that is now devoid of respect, affection and love for women. Even in this election season, where rhetoric is king, the reality of Indian women - who everyone seems to want to "empower"- is not even a blip on the horizon to save their chastity Best Insulated Water Bottles and dignity. Yet, it has been evident for decades that all talks about "women's empowerment" has little meaning if we are unable to deal with the despicable attitudes, practices and such social set-up that guarantee that women will not be held in high esteem in the society, and if they are, then what is the level of civilization of a society in which a large number of women are raped, brutalized, burnt alive and killed for dowry and treated in a horrendous and barbaric manner?

Quran Reading, Arabic course, Quran reading with tajweed, Tajweed Course, Online Quran Program

It is alleged too that dowry system leads partially to female infanticide and feticide in India, though exact figures relating to this are difficult to determine. According to 2011 census data, in the age group Best Insulated Water Bottles 0-6 years, there Best Insulated Water Bottles are 914 girls to every 100 boys in India. Figures calculated by the Toronto Globalist indicate that comparing this figure to the natural male/female birth ratio show that about three million girls are "missing" from actual population numbers, while recent studies show that girls in this age group have a much higher mortality rate due to violence, negligence or murder than boys do.

Quran Reading, Arabic course, Quran reading with tajweed, Tajweed Course, Online Quran Program

Again, in our country, it is also estimated that more than 5,000 women are killed each year because their in-laws consider their dowries inadequate. A tiny percentage of their murderers are brought to justice.

Quran Reading, Arabic course, Quran reading with tajweed, Tajweed Course, Online Quran Program

Then we can easily come to understand that this tradition is very shameful for our society. We should prove hard and endeavour to get rid of this system. There are some laws to stamp it out from the society. But we cannot use them properly. Islam can be the perfect guidance and law for us. If we consider the Holy Quran and the teachings of Hadith, this curse can be taken away permanently from our community and country.

Quran Reading, Arabic course, Quran reading with tajweed, Tajweed Course, Online Quran Program.
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04 May 2017 
The idea of the "utopian" community has a long, storied history (and a largely unsuccessful one at that), from the fictional island dreamed up by Sir Thomas More to present-day attempts to build the perfect urban ecosystem. And even though the perfect society has eluded us, that hasn't stopped people from trying. Seekers attempting to leave behind the conventions and restrictions of traditional society have created self-sustaining communities Best Insulated Water Bottles ranging from groups of tofu-making hippies in rural Virginia to expatriates living in treehouses in the Costa Rican rainforest (and yes, there is a community called Yogaville).

"The criticism of utopia is that it's impossible to achieve perfection, so why try?" J.C. Hallman, author of "In Utopia," told Salon in 2010. "But the impossibility of perfection does not absolve us from the path of pursuing a more perfect union."

Is it just cities people are trying to escape? Fed up with society as it is? Check out these nine fascinating case studies in alternative modes of living, spanning from the Arizona Desert to the Korean coast.

The Farm, Lewis County, Tennessee

the farm

In 1971, a group of 300 flower children and free-thinkers left San Francisco to blaze a trail out east, settling in rural Tennessee to become the founders of what is now America's oldest hippie commune.

The Farm, located just outside Summertown, Tennessee, is still around to this day, and was the subject of the 2012 documentary "American Commune." Now composed of roughly 200 members, the vegetarian intentional community was founded on -- and still lives by -- their core values of nonviolence and respect for the environment.

Green Bank, West Virginia

green bank

Green Bank, West Virginia is a safe haven away from the reach of technology where the "electrosensitive" can come to escape the digital world. The small town is located in a U.S. National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area where electromagnetic radiation (yes, that includes WiFi and cell phone signals) is banned so as not to disturb the National Radio Astronomy Observatory. About 150 people have moved to Green Bank and created a community for the precise purpose of escaping radiation, which they believe is harmful to their health.

"Life isn't perfect here. There's no grocery store, no restaurants, no hospital nearby," a resident of the town recently told Slate. "But here, at least, I'm healthy. I can do things. I'm not in bed with a headache all the time."

Arcosanti, Arizona


The "urban laboratory" that is Arcosanti was first created in the 1970s in the Arizona desert 70 miles north of Phoenix as a social experiment of sorts, and it's still standing to this day. Citizens of Arcosanti collaborate in creating and selling their signature product, ceramic and bronze wind bells, according to The New York Times.

The roughly 50 inhabitants of the community ("arconauts") continue living out founder Paolo Soleri's idea of "arcology" -- architecture fused with ecology.

Finca Bellavista Sustainable Treehouse Community, Costa Rica

finca bellavista

Finca Bellavista is probably the closest that real life can get to Swiss Family Robinson. The sustainable treehouse community is comprised of more than 25 elevated structures, as well as a base camp community center, located deep in the Costa Rica rainforest more than a mile and a half from the nearest town. Its typical resident is a laid-back, environmentally conscious American expatriate, according to founders Erica and Matt Hogan, who started building Finca in 2006.

"In general, people [who live here] want a simpler lifestyle," Hogan told Business Insider. "They want a life less ordinary. They're usually very green, environmentally-conscious and want to live off the grid."

Twin Oaks, Virginia

twin oaks

Founded in 1967, the intentional community of Twin Oaks is one of the most successful of that era. The small commune is situated on 450 acres of land in Louisa, Virginia and is famous for its tofu. Approximately 100 residents live in the community now, which consists of seven group houses along with a gathering area, swimming hole, graveyard, soy production facility, several greenhouses, and more.

"Of the thousands of similar communal experiments forged throughout the '60s and '70s, Twin Oaks is one of only a handful to have survived," Cluster Magazine wrote in a recent profile, "as other utopian experiments collapsed under the pressure of self-sustainability and interpersonal drama."

New Songdo City, Korea


Whereas most of these communities are a throwback to a simpler time, New Songdo City on the South Korean coast is an ambitious new community project that couldn't be more futuristic-looking. Scheduled for completion in 2015, New Songdon will be located on Incheon Bay, and will include city-wide WiFi integration and will be highly environmentally friendly. The city will be built from scratch, like Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

"They're promising full technological integration," Hallman told Salon. "Lamps and tables and cars and everything will be computerized and on a network. You won't even need a BlackBerry or a Best Insulated Water Bottles laptop."

Yogaville, Buckingham, Virginia


Virginia's Satchidananda Ashram and the surrounding community is known as Yogaville, a space where people of diverse backgrounds have come together to live the yogic lifestyle. The holistic community was founded by Sri Swami Satchidananda, a spiritual leader who aspired to share his message of peace with like-minded others.

As the community's website describes itself, "We came from various places. We have various tastes, various temperaments, various faces, various beliefs, but we are living here as one family, helping each other."

The Ecovillage at Ithaca, New York


Created in 1996, Ithaca's Ecovillage is a sustainable intentional community and education center which describes itself as an "alternative model for suburban living which provides a satisfying, healthy, socially rich lifestyle, while minimizing ecological impact." It currently has two 30-home co-housing neighborhoods, named "Frog" and "Song," with plans to build a third (the forthcoming "Tree"), as well as community gardens and organic farms.

Polestar Yoga Community, Big Island, Hawaii


A cooperative yoga and meditation community located on Hawaii's Big Island around 30 miles south of the city of Hilo, Polestar was founded on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda, author of the best-selling 1946 spiritual manifesto "Autobiography of a Yogi." The community lives by its core value of karma yoga (selfless service) and essential purpose of "deepening the spirit."

Polestar consists of a small core community of permanent residents, but also welcomes guests to visit and stay on its 20 beautiful acres, enjoying the yoga temple, spiritual library, orchards and organic gardens. One guest described it as "a strong environment for spiritual transformation."
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03 May 2017 
Technology has advanced multi fold over the past few decades, and transformed how we perceive the world's means of communication. It is a step up from the other types of media, also known as 'industrial media' or 'traditional media', like the television, documentaries, the newspaper and radio. Social media, in other words, comprises everything that has to do with the Internet. People for many years have relied on mediums from print and electronic media, to reveal happenings on another part of the globe. Be it news, entertainment or movies - it was never really within the reach of people, on a one-on-one basis. Now with the Internet, we surpass borders and blend in with other cultures and new worlds. We can virtually reach out to people worldwide within seconds, with web services now available on mobile phones and other web enhanced devices. The world shrinks down when the Internet comes into play, with its different forms of social media that have influenced present generations.

Different Types of Social Media

The various forms of social media that exist today, come under a vast umbrella of different kinds of communication. This form of mass media, can be for interactive, informative, educational, or promotional.


Blogging is a very common feature of the Internet, which allows users to create their own blog domains to put up self-made information. These can range from topics related to music, private/public diary entries, recipes, religious write-ups, news, medical information, travel tips, product reviews, latest gadget updates and so on. One doesn't need to be a professional, or require any kind of expertise, but genuine deep knowledge of what he/she is talking about. Blogs are enhanced with capabilities like video/photo uploads, widgets, podcasts, streaming live radio, advertisements on products/services and so on.

Event Updates

Websites cater specially to bands/solo performers/artists (painters)/social event planners and so on, allowing them to update their information with event dates and current happenings. It gives people an interface to buy tickets online, or travel to places to be a part of the event. It acts as an online calendar of events for those who actively browse the Internet to attend events locally/nationally/internationally.

Social Networking

Social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, give people worldwide a place to put up pictures, videos and interact with friends/family Best Insulated Water Bottles at any time and place. You can add friends, join groups, attend events, buy tickets, play games, search for old school/college friends, chat and more. Every second person owns an account, and now teens and older adults are fast catching up with this trend of keeping in touch with others online.


Websites like MSN, Yahoo, AOL, Gmail and so on, give users a chance to email one another while situated anywhere globally. It is an instant way of keeping in touch with those who are out-of-town, and can be used for one to be a part of business interactions or other communication based reasons. It is easy to use, and doesn't require in-depth knowledge on how to use it. They also come with their own messengers meant for chat sessions and webcam viewing or even web conferencing. Online chat rooms are a popular feature of social media as well. People can access this service through their cell phones or any other device that can avail from Internet access.

News Updates

News channels have created their very own official websites to allow those on the run, to view the latest in news and stories worldwide. Companies like CNN and BBC, not only showcase news and live footage, but provide a platform for users to give their opinions or start discussions, even forums. Articles related to science, medicine, technology and entertainment are featured as well.

Photo/Video Sharing

Users can upload photographs taken from digital cameras or cell phones, and put them up on websites to share with friends and family. Videos too can be uploaded and viewed through search engines that recognize video 'tags' and produce results based on what one has typed in. It also records how many hits a video gets, increasing your visibility and viewer ratings.

Music and Radio

Live streaming from online radios worldwide are featured on websites with hundreds of radio stations available on the web. People can listen to the latest from online music, and access genre compiled music collections along with downloads available that are either free/to be paid for. Bands and artists have their own official websites as well to promote albums, sell their merchandise and even provide concert tickets for fans.


Gamers are free to access websites that host the latest in games, along with old school video games that are now available online. Competitions are also encouraged, with downloads and information on the latest games out in the market. These virtual interfaces are teeming with games that are just as cool to play with, like that of PS3, Xbox 360 and hand-held devices.

These different types of social media, are becoming more advanced as time passes making people turn to the Internet for anything and everything. Social media also provides users to indulge in Internet shopping, allowing you to buy anything from a car to bidding for products. There are even Best Insulated Water Bottles university faculties interacting with students for online courses, giving them a chance to receive certification from these universities from foreign countries. Often people are confused about whether or not social media can be considered a part of electronic media. We clear this doubt in the next section.

Difference Between Social Media and Print/Electronic Media

There are different types of mass media that come under what's conventional and been around for centuries, namely the radio, television, newspaper and other types of print media. Find out how these two contrast one another, while still providing what audiences need in terms of information and knowledge.

Social Media

Industrial/Traditional Media

Doesn't require one to have any professional training when providing information click to read more online like - blogs, forums, polls, video uploads, photo sharing, emailing and so on. It is based on practice and constant use.

This media requires one to have some knowledge / experience of the medium, with training and special skills.

Large-scale audience and reach.

Large-scale audience and reach.

Available to users at a reasonable rate, or even free.

Needs to be privately / publicly owned, before production can actually take place to be available to the people.

Information can be changed / edited / altered as and when the user wishes to.

Once information is printed or given out, it cannot be edited or changed.

Social media is a quick interface, which updates itself within seconds and is accessed on the same day an event takes place.

The time lapse is longer, and not as instantaneous as that of social media.

Shelf life isn't an attribute in the case of social media, since these files are saved either on websites, or on one's personal device.

Takes up space, and needs to be physically accessed, as opposed to being a mouse click away.

More digitally enhanced, and constantly streaming with up-to-date feedback and footage.

Mediums like radio and television can update news on the spot but cannot be viewed again like that of the Internet. Interaction is congested when viewers are asked to participate in discussions or forums, whereas people find it convenient to do so online instead.

These forms of social media are now becoming increasingly convenient for people to access, from the comfort of their homes. Whether it is ordering for take out, booking tickets for travel or shopping at home without having to go down to a mall - users are finding it easier to get everything they need, a mouse click away.
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19 Jun 2016 
Website marketing is the best way to earn money from home. It can be a nice in your free time job, and even become your main source of income. This informative article contains several simple and fast tips which will surely make the site a hit. Apply these pointers to noticeably increase profits through your affiliate programs.

Take time to see each of the options and ads supplied by your affiliate program. Putting effort into selecting ads that happen to be useful and relevant in your readers, and trying out different visuals and graphics can help you choose the right formula for your personal site. In addition, you should switch around your ads often it keeps your website relevant and fresh for your readers.

When writing copy for online marketing advertising, allow it to be feasible for your reader to attract the information they desire. Avoid complicated terms or technical jargon, keep the paragraphs short, and use Adrian Wilson and Evan Marshall bullet points anytime you can. Readers are more inclined to scan your review quickly and make up a decision compared to they are to browse through a prolonged article.

When making links included in an web marketing program, take note of your under performing links and articles. Remove that link if after about 200 clicks you might have not seen a single sale. That link is Connor Butler and Bella Dickens simply sitting there costing serious cash and definately will not offer a return on your own investment.

Convincing people to do surveys on your affiliate site is tough. Be upfront regarding the topic and the time they need to spend to accomplish the survey. Being an incentive you may offer coupons to websites associated with the topic of the survey and you could also display links and earn money from the purchases your survey takers make.

Avoid website marketing scams by doing a little research prior to selecting Thomas Reid and Katherine Allan an affiliate. Businesses that charge you being an affiliate marketer will not be reputable, nor are firms that require you to buy its product before becoming an Victoria Young and Sally Mathis affiliate. Performing a quick Internet search of potential affiliates can save you from scams.

Explore the company's references and discover what individuals are actually saying in regards to the services they feature, before choosing an associate company to complement. You need to be certain you're getting through a legitimate service before you decide to put the effort and time into driving visitors to someone else's site.

Take advantage of the pre-sell content of your own affiliate marketing programs to backlink to keep customers interested. Should you a promoting a whole new dog cage, possess the link check out the affiliates additional information about it as an alternative to going straight to order page. This will give the consumer additional information about a product continuing the sales pitch and builds trust.

Only add links to products you understand are good quality. Let readers know you may have done the footwork for them, vetting inferior products and only bringing them the most effective. Check sales pages before you decide to give a link, making sure they show credibility, professionalism as well as a "voice" much like yours. Choose to promote solely those products and corporations who have built good, solid reputations.

You need solid affiliate tools if you wish to be successful doing web marketing. First of all, you need to find a solid affiliates resource section with resources including sales letters and redirect links. This will likely greatly enhance your chance of success. In addition, you will need great communication with all the salesperson.

Produce a free podcast that folks can download and tune in to. Hearing your actual voice will greatly assist towards building the trust that your particular customers much have within you to create repeat business. Make sure to keep recording additional podcasts on a regular basis to develop a following.

Use the assets that could come from doing affiliate promotion on the net. Just in the past an online affiliate was limited by his physical reach however right now the sky may be the limit. You may get your products or services over to people worldwide. Work together with companies that allow payment types using their company nations and this provide support in other languages.

Consider improving how you will rank in search results. This implies more people will go to your website. Use keywords relevant to the things you provide then sell quality content on the website. Read more about seo Luke Parsons and Lucas Young to determine how you can get more visits to make more sales.

Attempt to add a blog to your website to actually have fresh content daily, which may be just the thing for attracting readers to come back. In the event you run a company website, hold the staff post in the blog about new things that your company is selling, or post about innovative approaches to utilize the products they generate. Hold the CEO of your company blog since everybody loves to read just what the guy at the top needs to say!

Discover which websites your competition are follow and making use of their lead. Watch the things they post, how many times they advertise affiliate links, and which varieties of events they prefer like Twitter parties or Facebook contests. Explore the tools they're using and see how you can integrate those into the marketing strategies, too.

When selling affiliate products, make certain your offers can compete in the market. What offers do the competitors have? Do you have sufficient margins on your own product to enable the identical or better offer? For shipped products, free delivery works especially well through the season and can give you a good edge.

Double check your entire affiliate promotion campaigns as much as possible so you can remove any programs that aren't working for you while focusing on those that are coming up with income. This will likely create much more profit by increasing the amount of links and amount of relevant content to the company, the result being increased sales.

My primary recommendation for everyone who works from your home is to find a good accountant who knows how to approach entrepreneurial tax clients! Internet marketing might be a sticky tax subject, for the reason that money often may come from international companies, your income changes from month to month, and you will claim many expenditures. Your accountant are able to direct you through all that and get you the greatest deductions possible.

Once they make a purchase in the advertisers with your affiliate program, offer customers to your website exclusive services. Ensure which customers that do buy get something of definite value from your websites bonus content, although do not restrict vital data this way. This can encourage both purchases from your affiliate and repeat visits aimed at your website.

Remember, the better you understand internet marketing the greater potential success it is possible to achieve. You can utilize and apply the information you learned from this article with other tips you may have learned throughout your online marketing endeavors.

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18 Jun 2016 
You might be here because you are interested in getting started like a real estate investor. You're probably also believing that it seems rather overwhelming when you consider the whole picture. Well, never fear because you're intending to learn a few things, and also the more you know the easier everything will seem.

Pick which sector of real estate excites you. Flipping real estate could work well to suit your needs. Others prefer creating a property from scratch. Each specialty takes a different skill set, so center on what you really love and what you're efficient at.

Don't create a property investment until a professional has inspected it. Sellers can even cover the inspection costs, but always choose an unbiased inspector. Make certain your report is neutral.

Inspections cost money. However, if there are actually difficulties with the house that should not be seen by the human eye alone, you may very well spend a lot more money in the long run. Therefore, imagine an inspection just like an investment and try to have one done just before investing in a property. It may possibly not uncover anything, but there is however always the chance there is one thing seriously wrong with a home.

Location is extremely important to the real-estate investment. Additional factors, like the health of a property, might be Click This Link altered. In the event you purchase an area which is depreciating rapidly, it is possible to trust losing your hard earned dollars. Carry out the research found it necessary to find those properties that will increase in value.

If you are attempting to make renovations, will not dig up anything. There are actually certain areas by which digging is from the law. Also, you might not need to result in property damage.

If you want to spend money on real estate property, you should be dedicated to the process. This may decrease the complications that you may have when creating deals. Put your time in and lower the leisurely activities which you have in the side.

Consider starting your real-estate investment efforts with homes should you be already a house owner or have experience as one. This arena is already something you understand about, and you will start good investment habits. Once you are comfortably making safe money here you can start working on the slightly different world of commercial real estate investment.

You must understand what to spend your time doing. Has been doing the project yourself costing you also much cash regarding the investment of your energy, though renovating properties may be fun for you discover this personally? Or possibly your time is better spent in search of yet another excellent investment opportunity. Provided you can outsource certain jobs, then for you to do so. Its smart to look at your agenda for stuff that impact the company more significantly.

Find a contractor to do business with available together with. Should you don't like the way they operate, there's absolutely no reason to have someone to assist you with fixing up real estate you put money into. If you just hire a company you are aware will work well together with you, it can save you yourself a great deal of frustration.

Usually have a plan to your investments. What is your end goal? How would you like to reach that? Are you currently within this on your own additional info or are you experiencing any partners? Have you got the capital necessary to accomplish your goals or do you have a method of getting it? You should invest some time creating your plan that you know what direction you happen to be going in.

You never would like to dig with a property regarding redesigning because there might be buried lines. It is illegal in a few areas to dig, and you do not would like to damage this property, either.

Be selective in doing what properties you target. Seek out low priced properties that hold wide potential or appeal. Avoid high-maintenance homes with extravagant gardens or published here pools. Search for commercial properties that may house a number of different businesses with minimal remodeling. Funky floorplans may also be something to keep away from.

Do not buy any property that you just can't afford. Be sure that you can to cover the mortgage regardless if units are vacant if you buy a rental property. It is not best if you place dependance around the rental income to protect the mortgage costs.

Always be prepared to calculate before you make a good investment in actual estate. Calculate your lending costs, any repairs and updating that might need to be done in addition to just how long you may be left holding your property. As the price level may look great, there are many other considerations prior to buying.

Starting out with property investing, you may want to get the very best financing by buying a residence for yourself then converting it to your rental. This way, you possibly can make a smaller this contact form down payment and obtain better terms. You may work on the house at your leisure and after that ret it all out while you are able to progress. Take advantage of the rental income to reinvest in other properties.

Ensure that you can pay for an investment property. You must be able to pay the mortgage regardless of whether there are actually empty units when you are investing in rental property. So that you can pay for the mortgage, it's a bad idea to rely on real income.

Take care not to lose focus in a bidding war. Bidding wars get people emotionally charged up. That can result in bad mistakes like paying excessive for a home or bidding against yourself. Remember, the numbers never lie. Stick to your initial bow and numbers out when the price goes over them.

You require stop being overwhelmed or frightened of the real estate market. Knowledge can help you when making sound choices. This post had quite a lot of good information to start with. Once you know how real-estate works, you may become more comfortable with it. Then, you may be moving toward success.

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